Change in Domestic Violence Laws

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A mother and her children are now homeless because of roommate violence in her home.  This is not considered domestic violence under Fresno County’s legal system because the people who have made the house an unsafe place for these children to live, are not directly related to their mother. Violence among roommates is not considered Domestic Violence within Fresno County.

This means these people have more rights as squatters under Landlord/Tenant laws to live in this house instead of these children. For their safety and well being, they have been forced to become homeless and are now living at my house. Even child protection laws do not protect these children from becoming homeless. (We talked directly with CPS workers sent out to check on the children, because these people reported the mother to CPS.)

At one point these distant relatives were providing live in childcare for the mother so she could work as a CNA for a local nursing home. Even though she is low income qualified to receive food stamps, she is not able to qualify for any childcare assistance with Family Support Services because she is already employed.

Their mother is buying the house and still has to keep the utilities on, while these people do not have to pay her anything to stay there.

Because it is not considered domestic violence, the mother could not get any legal assistance through Central California Legal Services, Centro La Familia Advocacy Services, or the Majorie Mason Center.

The mother tried going through the Civil Harassment Restraining Order route and she was forced into mediation because she did not understand she had the legal right to instead present her case directly to the judge. So no settlement was reached to legally get them to move out of the home. She is now being forced to figure out, on her own, how to go through the legal eviction process to get these people out of her home.

This mother has received FAR more free offers from people promoting violence to get these people removed from the house than she has received from any legitimate legal service. What is wrong with this picture?? I am trying to help her and her friends believe in the legal system, but now I am even questioning its validity. (Don’t worry, I do not plan on giving up)

Domestic Violence laws NEED to be extended to protect people from roommate violence, especially when there are children involved.

Please help me by supporting a change in the implementation of Domestic Violence Laws to apply to all domestic situations where documented violence requires someone to vacate the premises.




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