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Stop Anti-Equal Marriage Appeal and Withdraw Alaska from Anti-Equal Marriage Amicus Brief

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Dear Governor Walker and AG Richards:

We are calling upon you, the chief executive and Attorney General of the State of Alaska to stop defending discrimination against LGBT Alaskans.

 We object on principle to Alaska’s appeal of Hamby v. Walker and the State’s signature of an anti-equal marriage amicus brief. Discrimination is wrong and there is no justification for it. Alaska’s marriage ban harmed and demeaned the families of same-sex couples.

The constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage has been stricken from the state constitution. But the state and U.S. Constitutions still guarantee equal protection and due process, which you have sworn to uphold.

The state has no legitimate interest in defense of a law where the only purpose was to deny a specific minority group the fundamental right to marry.

Religious liberty is no legal or moral justification for discrimination. As people of faith, we object to laws that deny LGBT people equality.

Discrimination is also bad for business. Alaska’s discriminatory posture will drive business away from the state when we sit on the edge of a fiscal cliff. As business people, we object to your anti-equality actions.

Democratic enactment of the equal marriage ban does not justify state discrimination against individuals. As voters, we want to tell you that the appeal and joinder of the anti-equal marriage amicus brief is against our will and not in our name.

Listen to the better angels of your natures. Please dismiss the appeal of Hamby v. Walker, withdraw Alaska’s joinder from the amicus brief opposing equal marriage, and stop taking state actions that discriminate against our LGBT brothers and sisters.

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