This Anti LGBTQ+ anti adoption law needs to be repealed. All kids deserve a loving family.

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Recently news have spread of Governor Bill Lee signing a law into place that would allow taxpayer based adoption companies to deny adoption to LGBTQ+ individuals. Every child deserves a loving home and if a family can provide that, regardless of sexual orientation, they should be able to.

As a homosexual male, adoption and surrogacy are my only two options. That right is being stripped right from my hands and many others due to blatant bigotry. By signing this petition we are letting our voice be heard and bringing attention to how the people of this state feel and not just our lawmakers doing what they believe is best.

With the restrictions on abortion in this state, foster care and adoption centers will soon be full of children and babies just needing a loving home. The amount of citizens adopting is already scarce enough, this law will only add to the problem. So please do the right thing and sign thus petition so we may get this law repealed. 100,000 signatures is the goal, but 150 is all we need to get the process started. Everyone deserves a place to call home. Please be that change.