Support Cheerleaders and Dance in 2021

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I know in the middle of a pandemic this might not seem important to political leaders. However, pandemic or not, we need to keep laws and decision in perspective for our youth.

The governors new order possibly violates title ix and frankly sends a very negative message to females athletes. Every sport under Tssaa is currently allowed to participate in the season except cheerleading. Cheers full season is July through basketball. They have already cut away game travel but now they are targeting one sport to suspend. Our cheerleaders had games already cut from 20 to ten. Now we are down to 5. After today it’s zero.

Most cheerleaders receive more scholarship offers than the players they are cheering for. This decision effects scholarship monies and future academics. It is also a slap in the face to those athletes that have invested a lot of time and money in that particular sport. Recruiting staff are allowed in but no one will be cheering for the cheer recruiter to see. A lot of small schools were already suffering from not traveling and were missing exposure to college coaches. Now everyone in Tennessee that cheers will be missing this opportunity. Most small schools can not afford to go to competition. Now they may lose their chance to be recruited. How is this fair? It should be all sports or no sports. Not all sports but cheer and dance. We, as a state, are sending the wrong message to female athletes. Please speak up to make sure they are treated fairly. Studies found that students are not getting covid from school thus the new contact tracing decisions by the health department. Suicide rates are killing more teens than covid rates. We have experienced this recently in our area. I’m not saying cheer is more important than covid but what we are modeling for female teens could be life altering.
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