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Don't Resume Executions in Tennessee

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The state of Tennessee is now planning to resume executions after almost a decade without one--despite the nearly deadly mistakes of sending four wrongfully convicted individuals to death row on four different occasions. These men spent decades fighting for their freedom and were finally released from prison. To date, over 160 people have been freed from death rows across the country when evidence of their innocence emerged – including me.

My name is Paul House. For 22 years, I sat on Tennessee’s death row where I developed an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis for which I received no care. By the time of my release, I was bound to a wheelchair, experiencing significant challenges to my speech and movement. I remain in a wheelchair today and am cared for by my mother, Joyce.

The more we execute, the more likely it is that we will execute an innocent person. When a human life is at stake, there is simply no room for error. Sign this petition today to urge Tennessee not to resume executions in the state.

After being released from prison in 2007 and with all charges against me finally dropped in 2009, my mother and I continue to work to prevent this from happening to anyone else, sharing my story with anyone who will listen.

The death penalty system is failing as it consistently proves to be ineffective, unfair, and inaccurate, while the public’s approval of it as a means of achieving justice continues to decline. Even in cases of guilt, growing evidence suggests that the death penalty can prolong victims’ families’ pain and delay healing while appeals and reversals force them to relive their trauma again and again.

As someone who faced execution for a crime I didn’t commit, I ask you to sign this petition, urging the state of Tennessee not to resume executions in order to prevent wrongful executions.  

(Pictured above: Death row exoneree Paul House and his mother, Joyce. Photo by Edward Tse.)



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