Clemency For Freddy

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Clemency For Freddy

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Governor Kathy Hochul

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Started by Jennifer Martinez

We ask that you sign this petition to ask New York Governor Kathy Hochul to grant Freddy Medina Executive Clemency.

Freddy is an exemplary candidate for the Clemecy initiative. He has been incarcerated for over 15 years and has completed over 75% of his 20 year sentence, with over 13 years of a clean disciplinary history. He has shown remorse, rehabilitation and commitment to his community. He has always maintained an optimistic outlook and has used his time productively to rehabilitate himself and continues to do so even through his incarceration. During his incarceration Freddy has completed hundreds of hours volunteering self help and self therapy programs such as AVP (Alternative it Violence Program), Breaking Barriers, ART (Aggression Replacement Training), Parenting, Healthy Relationships, and a rigorous certificate program sponsored by the Rising Hope Academy. He is currently participating in the YAP Program (Youth Assistance Program) and the RTA Program (Rehabilitation Through The Arts) since 2017. Furthermore, he has completed a six year training course and has earned his apprenticeship verified by the Department of Labor in the Plumbing & Heat Trade. His biggest accomplishments while being incarcerated is earning an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and a Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Science while incarcerated, and currently earned his Masters Degree during this pandemic in Professional Studies from the NY Theological Seminar available only to the most qualified students in the NY prison system!  

His petition is already being reviewed by the Clemency Initiative and in these times of high risk and crisis, his application should be considered sooner than later for compassionate release for he has successfully rehabilitated himself and is ready to be an active member of society and live a law-abiding lifestyle. 
Lets bring Freddy home to his family where he belongs and push for the release of many other men who have shown multiple examples of what rehabilitation is suppose to mean. Statistics show that more than 98% of graduates from Hudson Link Mercy College Program and the NYTS program live a successful, productive life after being released. 

 We ask that you please sign this petition in support of the decision to grant Freddy Medina Executive Clemecy and allow him to be released as soon as possible. Please allow Freddy an opportunity to put all the great self work he has done over the past 15 years to use and gain his freedom. 
We are all so proud of Freddy’s accomplishments and mostly of his rehabilitation!! He has a an amazing support system and a loving family that just want him home! 

Thank you for your support.

The Family of Freddy Medina 

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This petition had 2,101 supporters

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