5 Demands to Heal CUNY in Crisis

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CUNY is in a major crisis that has worsened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The recent injection of $1.5 trillion into the stock market, billions of dollars in the New York City and State budgets, and immeasurable wealth horded by the super-rich show that resources exist to solve this crisis, but must be urgently distributed based on people's emergency needs.

Free CUNY is launching 5 Demands to Heal CUNY in Crisis: 

1. Emergency city/state/federal funding and billionaire tax to heal CUNY. We demand that the city, state, and federal budgets immediately allocate funding to address CUNY’s emergency needs and the rebuilding of public higher education going forward. We also demand that millionaires and billionaires who reside or make profits in New York be forced to help pay for these resources or receive severe economic penalties.

2. Allow all of CUNY to learn and work remotely, and provide free online learning resources to all CUNY students, faculty, and staff. We demand that all CUNY students, faculty, and staff transition to learn and work remotely. All campus workers should have the right to stay home with full pay, or choose to work for double-pay with full protective equipment and supplies. If workers choose to stay home with full pay, this must not be deducted from their previously accrued paid time off. Any CUNY-affiliated individuals who must borrow laptops/tablets, access WiFi hotspots or library materials, and obtain online learning platform subscriptions should be given these for free by home delivery. We also encourage CUNY faculty to adopt a universal “A for All” position to transform learning expectations in this difficult time. 

3. Free food, healthcare, and housing to all CUNY students, faculty, and staff. We demand food and medical stipends, well-stocked food pantries, access to remote counseling services, and sanctuary from police or ICE, with enhanced material and legal support for undocumented, international, houseless, and dorm-housing CUNY students and workers. 

4. Free childcare to all CUNY students, faculty, staff in need. We demand free childcare for all CUNY students and workers in need at the CUNY campus closest to where they live, childcare stipends/supplemental pay for those who cannot physically access a CUNY childcare center, and double-pay with full protective equipment for childcare providers who choose to work.

5. Full refund of Spring 2020 tuition and fees with no penalties. We demand that all CUNY students get a full refund of tuition and fees for the Spring 2020 semester, and that they can choose whether to stay enrolled or de-enroll without incurring academic penalties, because students are not getting the education they signed up for.

Please sign/share this petition, and contact us at Free CUNY to win these demands! Join our announcements list. Email: FreeCUNY2.0@gmail.com, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website.