Lockdown the state of Texas

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As we all know, COVID-19 is rapidly spreading across the world, including the state of Texas. Governor Abbott states: 6 deaths in Texas, 343 tested positive across 43 counties, 8,700 people tested. The population of Texas is 28.7 million people. The reason why texas has low stats is because MANY people have not been tested yet. It is extremely foolish to not stay ahead now and flatten the curve now while the cases are low. Are we waiting for an outbreak like Italy’s to happen in the state of Texas??

A lockdown will ensure that people are staying home and not unnecessarily going out. This is the only solution to help stop the spread of this virus. Many states, including our border state Louisiana, are taking this measure. We need to stay ahead of the virus. Without a lockdown there are many people that will continue to go out which puts all of us at risk. Many of us have underlying health issues or at risk family members. At this time, don’t just think of yourself also think of others that could suffer from this virus.  

Additionally, leaving lockdowns up to individual counties/cities is EXTREMELY confusing. It is necessary to lockdown all of Texas rather than create this confusion. 

Please sign this petition so that the Governor knows we need a Lockdown in order to keep our people safe.