No more free electricity/ water for politicians

No more free electricity/ water for politicians

9 October 2022
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Started by Brandon Restall

It is a travesty when South Africans are living and working in the dark. Now Politicians have been gifted through the political hand book ,via Ramaphosa that both power and water will be supplied and fully paid for my the state as a free extra perk. They will be exempt from such costs. This doesn't even mention there free budget for generators for the executives of R1.3m and over R800k car allowance.

As Eskom demands from us the people another 32% increase on tariffs, this over the bloated political executives which is the largest in the world” with 28 ministers and 34 deputies “ both with private medical aids, and now these free municipal account perks. How are these same politicians meant to fight for us or understand our pains if they are exempt from the same. How are these same minister meant to fight for our freedom from poverty as they live in mansions and now with the change to the political hand book they go from the previous state contributing R5000 a month to municipal allowance to a full exemption to pay. Let the pools overflow , the lawn sprinklers go all day and no penalty for forgetting the tap as the water flows down the road.

(Kind of spits in the face of SOWETO residents and the set electricity tariff they requested of R350, at least SOWETO would then be paying more than minister ironically.)

This petition is to demand the politicians start paying there own lights, water and municipal accounts like a real South African citizen do, no exception, no discount and in full.

This petition is to tell Ramaphosa and his Goverment directly, to change the ministerial hand book back and make his ministers now  pay all services in full.
This petition is to demand that all the executive who are referred to as “honourable” if and when they fall behind with these civil state obligation and daily costs of living. If and when at such time they fall behind , they must be seen as “dis-honourable” and then at such time must be immediately suspended or forced to step aside like any professional found to dishonour the profession they are in.

They, the government , need to be accountable no more  than we the tax payer and average citizen to our bosses and employers in full.

The executives must feel our pain. With the ever increasing costs of living we don’t have the benefit of corridor deals , yearly increases, perks or exceptions of friends . We feel the increases and so should they the government executive and if not a lot atleast a little.

This petition is for us the voter , the people, the executives actual employer. To use our petition and vote and tell them who actually pays there salaries.  That we demand from this same government our Politicians, who though don’t want to admit ate actually our employees wearing suites and High end dresses. You,  with your excessive  “on average” over R200 000 a month salaries. We want you to know that we demand that you too start feeling our pain, our monthly plight even if it’s one less dinner out for you . We want you too, to enjoy the inconvenience with your blue light brigade, to take time off and be forced to stand in the slow council lines for hours due to a error disconnection. a misread or error charge. Our days are as busy, our diaries full we don’t have a luxury of choice or exemptions.

We want you, the executives to know “we see you, we know you think your better than us, guess what your not.”

We want you to start to know you’re equal. 

These same ministers pushing for unaffordable solutions or solutions with imbalanced benefit ending with there one sided  personal gains for themselves or associated cadres. 

So, now why are you exempt after putting us here, through your own failures we must continue to pay the brunt as you try to hide behind a Goverment perk and exception to avoid your errors and repercussions, financial and physical. I think not. 

please sign this petition to say : YES

If you feel the executive and government must FEEL OUR PAIN and pay directly from there own salary pockets for services like  lights and water, no exceptions no perks, no more free rides on our beaten backs and be suspended if they fall into arrears .

Sign this petition to say : YES

If you feel the minister need to start being a EQUAL CITIZEN  and not special. Stop being in control of our own lives. They should see serving as a honourable life choice and not one based on greed and deception and a means to our end. Help the people not the peoples cadres. 

But most of sign  : YES

If you want Goverment to understand really how upset ESKOMs power increases really mean to the people. How we are angry, having to also pay for the Goverment officials and the executive, there power and water usage even if excessive while we can’t even boil a kettle without being penalised.   This when we can’t even afford our own living expensive now we must pay Goverment . We are tired of paying for the Guptas, Watsons and officials friends and there Ill-gotten  gains. From goverment free generators , petrol, and now the-limitless water and power perks free from our daily restrictions.

If you disagree and feel the Goverment officials really do need more money , more perks, more free water, power Then don’t sign, let them feel special.

If you are happy to pay on behalf of the bloated executives, for their free perks over there Average R2m a year salary. For there R800k car allowance , petrol, and exceptions from municipals costs. There 3% increase and new hand book perks let this moment pass and say nothing, don’t sign.


This petition made change with 19,489 supporters!

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