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Stop child pornography, abuse and trafficking.

Every day we see mass media coverage of government efforts to disrupt or take down file sharing sites, in order to stop the illegal download of copyright material. However, the efforts of groups who work tirelessly to protect our children from sexual predators and abusers goes largely unnoticed.

Our governments and media have their priorities wrong. Ask yourself; how often do you see these groups, who work to stop child abuse ,praised in the media? Do you know how to contact these groups, in order to offer support? Which is more important to you: The bottom-line of a large corporation, or, the safety of innocent children?

Let's show our governments and media where we wish them to focus their attentions. Keep us informed on what matters to us, not what matters to your investors. Please sign the petition, share it on Facebook, Twitter and your own blog or website. Let's give some focus to those whose voices are not being heard.

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