3 November 2020
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Started by Fatima Hussain

We all know about the current pandemic situation, this isn't over yet. Everything is back to normal again like corona is over and we are safe. No, nothing is normal. We request Prime Minister Imran Khan to re-impose lockdown. Our lives are important than anything else. Lockdown is the only solution. After lockdown, every mall, restaurant, school and all other public spaces opened at once that normalized the situation for people. Nothing is normal and we should find a way to tackle this situation not normalize it.

After lockdown, when everything got under control, we opened each and every public space and even flights, this is not gonna be normal like that. Only the important and crucial sectors (health and business etc) should be allowed to work with SOP's

Every public place is open, no one is following SOP's and only SOP's are not enough when the spread is rapid. Social distancing and keeping the people at home is mandatory. We can open evey sector when corona gets over or we get complete control over it.

We can not give guarantee about children who are young that they are following proper SOP's when adults are not even following.

We request to make health of public the utmost priority. We can not risk the future of this country. Students are going to educational institutes despite the whole situation, they are concerned about their attendance and exams and what about about their health? Even the educational institutes' authorities are more concerned about the attendance of students but not their health. If a student is ill, he/she has to go to school. Why are not we thinking about it? Why are not we trying to reduce the chances of spread of corona?  Why are we normalizing this situation when nothing is normal? 

We want our children to be safe and healthy. Please, it's a request to close the educational institutes, malls and restaurants and all other public spaces which can work online. We can find ways to run these public spaces by being at home. Restaurants can deliver food at home, students can take online classes and people can shop online too.

Please, consider this request Prime Minister Imran Khan. Please... This is about your people, your AWAAM. So, this is about You Imran Khan. 

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Signatures: 22Next Goal: 25
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