We'd like adequate legislation & policing of Jet Skis and powered water craft in the UK

We'd like adequate legislation & policing of Jet Skis and powered water craft in the UK

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Open water swimming in the UK is fast becoming a popular pastime, however - so too is the prevalence of personal watercraft (PWC), or jet skis as they’re commonly known, which has led to a dramatic increase in incidents where swimmers narrowly escape collisions and the risk of serious injury, or worse.

Current legislation regarding jet ski licensing, training, and speed/area restrictions is completely inadequate and requires urgent reform. More alarming is the complete lack of policing and accountability. As we've experienced with increasing frequency in Penzance, it's almost impossible to identify, fine/prosecute or even catch problem and dangerous drivers. There is no clear reporting procedure or chain of action, leaving recreational swimmers confused, frustrated and scared, with the perpetrators remaining ignorant and unchallenged.

Sea Swim Cornwall started a local petition to address this issue and it has since garnered national support - with hundreds calling for a nationwide response.

The government desperately needs to tackle this problem properly and make significant, easily adhered-to changes by introducing new laws and protocols to protect the public in and around our coastal areas.

As well as the safety factor.....Cornwall like many other coastal areas rely on their beaches for tourism. People visit these areas to relax and unwind. With an onshore breeze you can hear jet skis and power boats from a mile away. We've lost count of the amount of times we've witnessed annoyed and agitated beach goers due to the fact that all they can hear all afternoon is the sound of revving engines. The enjoyment of a few is starting to ruining it for the many.