Tougher sentences for dog thieves

Tougher sentences for dog thieves

11,781 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
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Started by Wayne Worlock

I recently had my 8 month old puppy Lulu stolen from our back garden in February 2020. She is a beautiful Saluki x Whippet. Wherever we walk Lulu, people stop to say how pretty she is, you definitely take a while to get the walk completed, however, it is nice to get all of this attention as it becomes a very social experience. When she was stolen from our back garden in Bristol, I can only say that the feeling inside is just like losing a family member, your pet is like your child. Quite simply, they depend on you for food, drink, etc. They do as they’re told when asked to do so (most of the time).

Well, we managed to get our little fur baby Lulu back after 4 gruelling days of not knowing whether we would actually see her again. We were all heartbroken with a huge void in our lives especially our little 9 year old boy Harry who suffers with severe ADHD, Lulu was playing a big part in helping him with this. Since being a victim of this horrendous and thoughtless crime, I have noticed how serious this is as I get notifications daily of lost and stolen dogs and how it is ripping peoples hearts out. It has to stop by way of tougher sentencing and Police involvement. 

The current penalties for dog theft is as follows:

The government said theft of a pet is covered by the Theft Act 1968. They added that theft in general has a maximum penalty of seven years in prison.

Firstly, the government need to step up to the plate and implement tougher laws when it comes to this crime, as it stands at the moment, dog thieves are not concerned because quite simply, there is not enough to put them off! 

Its time for the good people of the UK who are a great Dog loving nation to get together and sign this petition so that we can get this in front of the government and take this unacceptable crime seriously. We need to get to 1,000,000 + signatures! 

Please help me, along with others who haven’t been so fortunate and get something in place that reduces this crime. Even if it brings it down by a small percentage, then we have achieved something and that will be dog owners that have been spared being a victim of this thoughtless crime! 

Do it, make it happen people, do it for Lulu’s army for Lost & Stolen dogs! It’s not just the owners who suffer, what about the poor dog itself, what is it going through when it is snatched away from its loving family! 

Thanking everybody in advance for their support in this cause! � 


11,781 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!