The government/police to look into Peter fankhauser & co

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Me & the rest of Thomas cook have been absolutely pulled apart because of the corruption from Peter fankhauser & his minions. 
Ruining an amazing trusted reputable airline. Thomas cook, to improve a non profitable side of the company, condor. 
 To make matters worse crew won’t be getting paid Monday unless they are on avion or smart lynx so let me clear that situation up also...

Just to clear up the avion/smartlynx situation as the email from the Union didn’t fully tell the story. We where told on Monday that “liquidation does not end our contract” and we where expected to work as usual on Monday. Yes we are *supposedly* getting paid Monday and the end of October - which we are suppose to carry on repatriation until before being made residents (we will see... I highly doubt the October pay will happen) BUT the story is, if we DID NOT take part of operation MatterHorn then we would go down as ‘resigning’ from the company instead of being made redundant. Which is absolute bollocks - how can you resign from a company gone bump??? We are all devastated and we feel like shit about this. We don’t want a divide in the company. We want to stay as one.. We are also classed as operating as “Avion” or “smartlynx” not Thomas cook, and employees by the CAA ��

let’s get him and his gang investigated and get justice for our Thomas cook colleagues