Stop the Beagle Breeding Centre in Hull from supplying dogs from Animal Testing !

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This petition is to close two laboratories,one in East Hull and one in Cambridge that are experimenting on beagle dogs 

The East Hull facility was allowed to carry out its project days after fox hunting was banned in 2015

It is unbelievable that this is still happening in the uk ! That helpless docile dogs are being bred to be experimented on causing pain and death !

The uk is supposed to be an animal loving country , we need to get this practise stopped in these two places and never be allowed to happen again anywhere 

In this day and age there are other alternatives to test drugs causing pain and fear and death to helpless animals is not one of them it is outrageous 

B&k Marshall bio resources are the company that are breeding animals for use in laboratories around the world including East Hull and Harlan Interfauna kennels in Cambridgeshire 

A previous petition signed by £35,000 peta supporters and many celebrities including Brian May failed to get the centre closed 

So we need to try again 

We need your support to help us get this done so please sign this petition so we can present it to the relevant people and to this time succeed !