Stop puppy/cat mills and animal cruelty their.

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Everyone loves animals, even if your not a cat or dog person. No one wants to see these animals locked up in cages forced to breed 23 hours a day in a little cage, no animal deserves that. 85% of dogs are from puppy mills, where they beat, starve and abuse these animals and puppies and only see Then as a cash and farms and crops. They even go as far as killing or starving or even burying alive the dogs that don’t sell. Yet this is all legal. Puppies and kittens are exposed to this every day and the government won’t do anything about it. Puppies and kittens deserve a family love and care almost as much as we do. It’s up to as to stop this and voice our opinion and hopefully stop animal mills And these owners from getting away from with abusing these poor animals and pets that deserve homes and love. They often have to sit in their own excretion and I’m extreme wether. And often malnourished from lack of food and water. Then forced to breed or look good for photos to either be sold to a loving family, or if they don’t, possible dead. I hope this petition goes far I strongly believe these animals deserve love and care and affection and it’s up to us to change that, and hopefully one day animals and puppies and kittens will be safe, I’m not expecting to stop it all. But if we can somehow someway make this big enough to make a change. We will be saving many lives and making these animals have homes and fill humans with happiness.