Stop bad treatment of truck drivers with regards to the migrant crisis

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From recent events involving a truck driver in grays and the 39 dead bodies, I’d like to propose this petition to the government for better treatment of truck drivers. The way the truck driver was treated with the fact that tabloid newspapers were reporting the incident with very little facts and slandering his name across every media platform they could. 

I want the government to have some sort of protection from truck drivers who have (out of no fault of their own) got immigrants on board. We are human and can only do so much. These immigrants have weapons and have used them on drivers, some extent to burn trucks too! 

I myself a truck driver, have had immigrants in my trailer, it’s not a nice thing to have in the morning. Most recently I had 12 at Kruibeke services in Belgium. 

I believe that the government are the only people who can help people like us in this situation! 

please help me by signing this petition and hopefully we can get greater protection for ourselves against issues like these!