Self-employed and zero-hour contract people to be paid statutory sick pay

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At present, self employed or zero hour contracts, can not claim statutory sick pay should they become ill. This is fine, on a genuine sickness bug etc. But the outbreak of the coronavirus is spreading vastly. 

I believe during this outbreak, should people need time off work (such as Italy have done in closing schools etc) that the self employed and zero hour contract workers should be entitled to the statutory sick pay. The government should protect ALL workers as we all have bills to pay.

I am self employed, sub contracting to a company for over 4 years now, but should a 2 week break elapse due to the coronavirus then I'm pretty much stuck in the mud. We all have bills to pay but how, should this happen, I don't know how I'd manage.

The government should be helping out alot more before its a country in chaos.