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Changing the distribution of Plastic bags to be more environmentally friendly

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Problem :

The Singapore Environment Council has released a study on plastic bag usage and wastage in the city-state. For a population of mere five million people, Singapore uses a staggering amount of three billion plastic bags a year. 

Effects of Plastic Bags on Environments :

One of the greatest problems is that an estimated 300 million plastic bags end up in the Atlantic Ocean alone. These bags are very dangerous for sea life, especially those of the mammal variety. The environmental balance of the waterways is being thrown off by the rate of plastic bags finding their way into the mouths and intestinal tracts of sea mammals. 

Furthermore, the indefinite period of time that it takes for the average plastic bag to breakdown can be literally hundreds of years. 

We are facing a threat of global warming and the frightening fact that our oceans might collapse by 2048. That is in 31 years time. 

Solution :

We want to propose to the mega corporations and stores that sells common goods such as Fairprice, giant , cold storage and even stores like Watson and guardian to take the same approach as IKEA to do away with disposable shopping bag -you have to either purchase a carrying bag or bring home the items without it.

We understand that there will be concerns from people who will argue that they reuse their plastic bags as trash bags or to carry supplies. However, we'd like to raise the awareness that this does not reduce the damage that these disposable bags have on the environment. In fact, we want to propose the idea of bio-degradable trash bag to be mainstream in our society along with this solution. 

We acknowledge that this problem is multi-faceted and thus it is a complex issue to resolve but we do hope that by starting this petition, it will cause a ripple effect in our society to reconsider our decisions that could potentially harm our environment. Even though the solutions we propose might not seem possible at this rate, we want your support in order to alarm both the corporations and the government that the citizens of this green city are ready for a change to be a society that is more environmentally conscious and friendly. The change might be rash, even seen as impossible, but we believe that if we do not embrace change now, we are only heading towards the destruction of our own planet and species. 

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