Philippines: Save the Farmers

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"Youth is a green farm of life,let it not DRY, raining happiness over it"                                                                                                                             - Chetan Patel

        The food that we ate are from the hardship of all farmers, they are important part of the survival of our societies because they are the one who provide food and fiber that nourishes and cloth us.We should understand the farmers that have a large lands are not poor but the labors working in it are very poor and we should make  scheme for the sake of farmers. 

         Sometimes, farmers can't receive a help from the government especially when there is a typhoon, that's why instead of having an enough crops, Philippines always have a severe problems in the agricultural sector. From this problem, we come up with this petition. The purpose of this petition is to raise the sphere of all farmers and to give them an enough wage. 

         " Farmers deserve good life "