Pay Self Employed 80% of their wages the same as the employed during corona virus pandemic

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Whilst efforts have been made to help people during this financial difficulty, it seems self employed haven’t been considered the same as other workers. Unless you own or lease premises you are not entitled to a grant. 
People don’t want more debt by having to take loans, they simply want their wages. 
Employees are getting 80% of their wages up to £2500!!! paid by the government and another 20% if employer agrees to pay this and therefore possibly their full wage. Whilst the self employed are told to live off £100 a week with universal credit! 
How is this fair? Self employed often work more hours than anyone else, providing essential services and we are being told to survive on something that probably equates to only 15%, if that, of their wages. It’s time to recognise and respect the self employed the same as we do employees. Especially as many of us may not even have businesses after all of this. We aren’t even being provided with wages to survive the next few months and be able to make plans. Please sign and recognise the self employed worth to match that of employees. Self employed deserve the 80% of wage up to £2500 too.