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Sabah, north Borneo is home to the last remaining forest elephants in Borneo! It is also home to a large population of orangutans but their numbers are falling fast!

Sabah has laws to protect their forests but these laws are not being enforced !!

Letter to
Public Relation Secretary to the Chief Minister's Office Mr. Zainudin Aman
Land & Survey Department, Sabah state Lee Chun Khiong
District Office, Kinabatangan Jemin Maddinin
Stop the palm oil plantations in Sabah!

I am adding my name to this petition to demand that you enforce the laws that you created to protect your forests!

Sabah has a law to protect riverside forests which clearly state that no plantations can be planted within 20 metres of the river bank! Yet we continue to see these protected areas being openly attacked by plantations that go all the way to river’s edge, especially along the Kinabatangan river.

Sabah state is home to the last remaining viable populations of the Sumatran elephant and orangutan subspecies Pongo.P Morio. Studies have shown a drastic decline in the orangutan populations in Sabah and the poisoning of 14 elephants in a palm oil plantation in 2013 shows the wild animals are clearly in a desperate situation.

Malaysian palm oil companies have been boasting that Sabah contains 58% forest canopy so it was shocking to read a new report that shows only 20% of intact forests are left!

The elephants, orangutans and other wild animals that you so proudly boast of need you to save them today by enforcing the laws that protect them!