Ban balloons, before it's too late.

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The balloon industry says balloons are safe to release into the air. Apparently, they rise up so high into the atmosphere that they burst into 'miniscule, harmless pieces.' So why are we still finding balloons floating in our oceans? Why do we find them littered amongst the seaweed on our coastlines? Why do we see them getting caught in trees?
Balloons, and other man made materials, are much too alike in their appearance to food, in the eyes of our ocean creatures. This petition is important in many aspects, some of which including the preservation of Australia's pristine beaches, the duty of care we have for fauna all around us, and the seemingly never ending issue of landfill and carbon emissions.

This petition is for ALL OF US. It's for our grandchildren, for future of the planet we live on, for the sea goers and the land walkers. We are all connected and we all need to co-operate and support one another. 
Balloons are not a necessity, they are a luxury - one that I’m sure you know we can all live happily without.