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PLEASE READ! Help save their lives!

We all wish for a very good morning don’t we? That just doesn’t seem possible anymore. Animal Cruelty cases are there almost every day now. Don’t you feel sometime that the world is going in a very wrong direction? We just happened to receive these videos from Miss. Mini Khare located in Jhansi. She is the only person taking care of the stray dogs in her locality. No other NGOs involved. The dogs in her locality are spayed, vaccinated, fed on a timely basis and there have been no cases of animal assaults in the area either. The animals over there were living in peace. People residing in that area had no issues with the dogs either. A few days back someone decided to lodge a false complaint to Nagar Nigam (A government based organisation) who is responsible for relocating dogs. The man clearly stated that they will take the dogs from the locality and dump somewhere else (for them to die without food and shelter) as the dogs are biting people. They were lying about it. The human race has become so mean that they have stopped caring for a life. There will be a day soon when the poor will also be relocated and dumped just like these poor dogs. Nagar Nigam being a government based organisation was doing it all illegally. As per the law, relocation of the stray is illegal. Yet everything is being done under political pressure. This is happening all over Jhansi and needs to be stopped. Every day there have been instances of dogs being caught illegally by Nagar Nigam and 100s of dogs have already lost their homes. This is no less crime than the dog that was killed in Delhi. This is infact more disturbing as these dogs die a painful death without food and water in the end. Kindly share this with everyone you can. We would not able able to do this alone. Tag as many organisations you can that can help us stop this genocide. It’s you who can stop this mass murder.