Tobago should elect its own Chief Secretary and Presiding Officer immediately!

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The 6-6 tied result of the Tobago House of Assembly elections held on January 25th 2021, presents a constitutional crisis for the people of Tobago. We have our elected Assemblymen unable to agree on a Presiding Officer which paves the way for the election of a Chief Secretary. The THA Act made no provisions for a tied Assembly. In the meantime, unelected, unselected, defeated candidates of the election remain in Secretarial positions, making decisions for and on behalf of Tobagonians; spending taxpayers funds, enjoying the perks of office and being allowed to continue to preside while serious questions about accountability and transparency in governance remain unanswered by the incumbents. The two highest offices in the land, the Office of the President and the Office of the Prime Minister have seemingly washed their hands of this matter. This is why we must call upon the Parliament to act! We seek urgent amendment to the THA Act to allow for the people to elect a Chief Secretary and Presiding Officer immediately so that the THA Executive Council can be legally constituted. This emergency amendment will apply only this extraordinary instance, while we pursue a permanent solution to the Tobago Autonomy issue and all its attendant parts.