Improve traffic condition in Bangladesh

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According to the police report, 2529 people die in road accidents in Bangladesh every year. Its about 7 deaths per day. With the rapid increase of vehicles and road network - these numbers may increase drastically in the near future unless actions are taken NOW. 

Some actions that must be taken immediately:

  • Draw dotted and solid white lines on roads to clearly mark lanes. Slow vehicles must go in the right lane and fast vehicles in the left lane.
  • Put STOP sign at the intersection of 4 or 3 roads. At the stop sign, the vehicle that stopped first - will go first.
  • Put SPEED LIMIT signs and use auto-speed detection technology to detect over-speeding vehicles.
  • Enforce strict law to obey traffic lights using camera-based technology. Encourage people to follow traffic lights even though the road seems empty and no one is watching.
  • The public should inform by phone/text to a special anti-corruption office whenever he/she finds a police is taking a bribe. Every police must have a unique ID displayed on his/her shirt.
  • Draw frequent zebra-crossings for pedestrians for crossing roads.
  • No unnecessary horn to reduce sound pollution.
  • Use breathalyzers in highway checkpoints to test alcohol consumption of the drivers.