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Stop the Illegal Dog Meat Trade in Thailand!

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Thailand has lots of stray dogs. And some of those stray dogs are being smuggled to Vietnam for their meat, to be eaten. The dogs are put in cramped cages and bags, and smuggled over the border. A lot of the dogs suffocate in the cramped cages and bags, and in truth, those are the lucky ones. The dogs that make it to Vietnam alive are tortured terribly for hours. Then, they get skinned alive. Some of the dogs are still alive after being skinned. The reason the dogs are put through such pain and torture is because the people believe that the pain inflicted upon the dogs gives the meat tenderness.
There are organizations trying to help put a stop to this, such as Soi Dog foundation. Just recently, about 550 dogs were found crammed inside cages, ready to be smuggled across the border to end up on dinner tables.
How could humans even think of doing such a thing as this? Dogs are mans best friend, and have served us loyally for thousands of years. I have a dog myself, who has been my best friend for so many years that I really can't imaging life without him anymore. He keeps me happy when I am sad, keeps the sun shining when clouds block it out.
Please put a stop to this dog meat trade! Be a friend to the dogs as they have been a friend to us.

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