Save our kids

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In regards to the board examinations, the government of Tamil Nadu has announced on the morning of 12/05/20, that the board examination will be held from 01/06/2020. This decision, I believe should be reconsidered as there are a lot of concerns to be addressed before announcing the exam dates. The first and the most pressing issue to be considered is that the state of Tamil Nadu has an enormous number of cases of Covid 19 and is currently ranking 3rd in the number of Covid patients among all the states in India. The number of cases have been increasing by a huge number everyday. It can be seen from this that Tamil Nadu has not yet contained the spread of this deadly disease. So then, how can we send out our children to write the exams during this time of peril? Had the exams been written in the originally scheduled dates (wherein Tamil Nadu only had 10 cases in total), our children would have completed their exams and we wouldn't have had to worry. But now, when the number of cases are increasing by thousands day by day, as parents, we cannot compromise the safety of our children. The next issue is, when the lock-down was announced 2 months ago, many people would have travelled to their native places. How is it possible for them to travel during this time? If they do travel to their respective centers, the government has set the norms that travellers from other districts should be quarantined for a period of 14 days. I wonder whether they would satisfy their quarantine period or whether they will write their examinations in such a situation.

We do not want the exams to be cancelled. What we want is to know if our government can provide the necessary safety measures for the students while writing the exams. The examination centers do not allow the exam candidates to wear slippers while writing the exams. This stands in the way of safety of our children. The spread of Covid 19 is yet to be contained in the state and is spreading like wildfire, nor has a vaccine been found to cease the spread, so we humbly request you to postpone the exams until we know that it's safe to allow them to go outside to write their exams. 

At least, should the exams be necessarily held on the said dates, the students should be allowed to take up all the safety measures to ensure their protection. Will they be allowed to wear safety mask and gloves. Will they be allowed to wear fully clothed apparel and will the exam halls be disinfected properly? Also, many schools have been used as isolation wards for people who are suspected to carry the corona virus. It is the worry of all the parents, how can we send our children to write the exams in such centers?

We need you to understand that the children are prepared for their exams nonetheless. They do not need the exams postponed to prepare for the exams, rather, it is us parents who are worried about the safety of our children. It is not the higher authorities who are going to write the exams, rather it is our children. These children are the future of our country, as said by our honorable former president, late Dr. Abdul Kalam. So we humbly request you to reconsider the decision for the exams to be held on announced dates.