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Stop torturing Bulls in the name of Zulu tradition

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In the name of tradition, some African tribes still kill animals. The animal in question in this case is a Bull, and his killing is by no means humane in this annual ceremony called Ukweshwama in the Zulu tradition.

Outnumbered by the tribe warriors, the Bull's destiny is heartbreaking: he will be killed by the many men who circle him with their bare hands! This means that they will use any method to make it bleed to death: be it tying its genitals and then ripping them off, ripping its eyes out, and ripping and ripping and ripping some more.... until the animal perishes.

All this massacre is done to prove the warrior's courage, inheriting the animal's strength as it slowly and inhumanely expires so that its power then transfers to the Zulu king.

The most ridiculous thing is that the critics of the ritual were condemned as neo-colonialists trying once again to stamp out African culture. “This is reminiscent of the arrival of European settlers on our shores who declared that our people were barbaric heathens who needed to be civilized,” wrote Zizi Kodwa, a spokesman for President Jacob Zuma, who is Zulu himself and a passionate defender of Zulu traditions [ref.:]

It is ridiculous to think that in the 21st century, brutality is still considered to be tradition. Traditions are made to be re-shuffled and assessed, perhaps to be made obsolete with time. Things Change as humans evolve (what we call Evolution implies some Change)! Considering that the tribes also get support from the Modern Governments for basic necessities, it is not much to  aks to set aside this one inhumane "Tradition".






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