Save 60 lions and 30 bears from extinction by preventing the closure of „Taigan“ park

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Please help saving the unique lions, tigers and bears park called Taigan located in Crimea.

Taigan is a magic place where animals live and breed in armosphere of love. Oleg Zubkov has founded this park in 2006 under Ukrainian government, but new russian government chief of Crimea Aksenov has closed this park by violating all laws and using false facts. Oleg Zubkov is a good man and animals love him. Please see this channel: Taigan Youtube Channel

Now without any visitors the park will not have any funds to feed the animals. So I am kindly asking you again to support Taigan by signing this petition. Please foreard it to all your friends, relatives and colleagues. Let‘s help animals and let‘s restore the justice! With your support we will attract attention to this issue and russian governement will reconsider its decision. Kind appreciation in advance!

Please also sign the russian version of petition, which has almost 150000 signatures  right now: Link to russian text of this petition