Quebec Indoor Air Purification Petition

Quebec Indoor Air Purification Petition

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Started by Louis Grenier ing.

As citizens concerned for the health of students, elderly in residences, office workers, medical and dental practitioners we recommend that elimination preventive measures be put in place as soon as possible to significantly reduce the COVID viral load in all indoor environments.

Historical evidence from cholera's first six pandemics teaches everyone a hard lesson:  until water purification technologies became available to offer safe-to-drink potable water in the early 1900s, the first six pandemics lasted between 7 to 24 years. 

We can end this pandemic sooner, if we choose to implement indoor air purification measures across all buildings, starting in priority with our schools, hospitals, and elderly residences.  Indoor Air Purification with 99.95% certified HEPA filters is the most effective means available to eliminate airborne transmission. 

Previous elimination measures of SARS CoV-2 have proven to be ineffective because they were focused on the initial hypothesis of contact transmission through proximity droplet deposition on a person’s body or on surfaces. Science has refuted this hypothesis.

The proposal put forward by the government to learn to live with the virus is not an acceptable option because it assumes, wrongly, that collective immunity will be achieved if we let a large segment of the population to be infected. It has been almost two years and scientific evidence shows that collective immunity is not achievable because worldwide population vaccination will take considerable time, leaving ample opportunity for the virus to transform itself.  Furthermore, the health consequences to the population of 'living with the virus' are too severe to let such an approach take place.

Large investments in water purification have been put in place in the early 1900s and recurring large operating investments need to be maintained to ensure safe drinking water to everyone, without exception.  There has not been a cholera outbreak in North America since this innovation came to effect.  Large investments need to be secured to ensure safe breathable air in all indoor environments. A safe-breathing policy directive backed up by an indoor air quality law needs to be implemented in support of these investments and to ensure building custodians’ compliance with new regulations.

This elimination measure will complement the existing set of control measures such as vaccination, keeping a safe distance, and mask protection approved by the CNESST (Commission on Workplace Standards, Fairness, Health, and Safety) and BNQ (Quebec Standardization Office).  However, the air purification measure targets elimination of pathogens in the air adding a strong safety measure to universal mask protection in the community. 

The sooner this is implemented, the sooner we will free ourselves from harsher measures such as general lockdowns, the closing of businesses, restaurants, gyms, large gathering events, severe restrictions in elderly residences, schools closings or less-than-ideal remote learning provisions, and most importantly, the overwhelming of our precious Health Care System. 

Through the rapid implementation of elimination measures, we expect that the virus appetite to further infect, and worse, to transform into new variants will be fully mitigated with an Indoor Clean Air strategy.

In parallel to developing an air sanitation Act and policy directive for buildings across the province, we recommend taking action urgently in all schools, hospitals, dental offices and elderly residences with the implementation of the following measures:

For Schools:

- In addition to the planned CO2 detectors installation, urgently acquire and install HEPA-certified Air Purifiers in all schools and in rooms where children and school staff congregate.
- Maintain mandatory mask protection for all schools not equipped with a mechanical ventilation system with MERV 13 filtration.
- Provide, free-of-charge, N95 masks for teachers and procedure masks in sizes suitable for students (i.e. children in primary and high schools).
- Provide, free-of-charge, auto-test kits to parents to perform on their children once per week.
- Rules to close a class are made clear to teachers and parents and communicated accordingly.

For Hospitals, Dental Offices,  and Elderly Residences:

- All hospitals, dental offices, and elderly residences to install HEPA-certified Air Purifiers in sufficient numbers to protect all occupants.
- Maintain mandatory mask protection for all occupants in hospitals, dental offices, and elderly residences.
- Provide, free-of-charge, N95 masks for health and dental personnel and continue with the provisioning of procedure masks for patients.

This is our best opportunity to go back to safe breathing.  If you agree, please consider signing this petition.  Thank you.

311 have signed. Let’s get to 500!