Include Compulsory Sex & Relationships Education in Primary and Secondary School Curricula

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With the increasing number of crimes related to sexual violence, it is more important now than ever to introduce Compulsory Sex Education at a primary and secondary levels in schools.

"A survey conducted in 2016 showed a 10 percent increase in child sexual abuse rates with at least 11 children becoming victims of sexual abuse every day, out of which 41 percent were boys. According to a report named ‘Cruel Numbers 2016’*, nearly 4,139 children were molested. Most of the cases occurred in rural areas." (Source: )

It would be absolutely nonsensical to delay this further after the hue and cry caused by Zainab's rape and murder. If schools and parents keep shying away from discussing sex and consent with children, where do the children get their information from?

Alongside education that teaches children science and mathematics, it is equally important for schools to give guidelines regarding sexuality, adolescence, consent and reproduction as a part of the curricula. As transgender people are now recognized citizens of our country, it is essential that this curriculum has to be trans-inclusive. These subjects remaining taboo, lead to young women feeling embarrassed about their bodies, young men misinformed, children suffering silently from sexual abuse, and the stigma attached to transgender people remaining solidified —it is high time that they are addressed and treated at school level.  

Please take these unprecedented steps in the right direction to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable section of our population.

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A concerned citizen