Implement UWO (Unexplained Wealth Order) in Pakistan to stop corruption.

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One of the biggest reason why Pakistan is one of the poorest country in the world is Corruption. Corruption is practiced at every level in the Pakistani society and it has crippled both the economy and the society in general.

UK has recently implemented a new law named UWO (Unexplained Wealth Order). This law allows the UK government and accountability agencies to investigate political and non-political figures and force them to justify the source of their assets if they are appearing disproportionate to their income. With this law, the obligation to justify the legitimate source of asset lies with the person being interrogated and not the accountability or interrogation agencies.

We, the people of Republic of Pakistan, demands Government of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan to implement UWO (Unexplained Wealth Order) in Pakistan to get rid of this anti socio-economic evil of Corruption and make Pakistan a prosperous, truly independent and democratic country.