Save Koala habitat areas

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Over a quarter of potential Koala habitat areas on the east coast of NSW have been burnt since July 2019. Koala losses are expected to increase because many areas that escaped burning have already been degraded by logging, and previous fires. 

The wildfires have impacted particularly heavily on known core populations, such as on the Richmond Lowlands, Dorrigo Plateau and around Lake Innes.

If Koalas are to survive, their habitats must be protected. This petition calls for the NSW State Government to immediately enact a logging moratorium upon all potential koala habitat areas in order to allow burnt feed trees a chance to recover, and to protect the remaining intact habitat areas as essential source areas for recolonisation.

In 2018, The New South Wales State Government passed changes to logging law with the proposed “intensive harvesting zone” covering 140,000 hectares of coastal forests between Taree and Grafton. These forests are in the Forests of East Australia's global biodiversity hotspot and includes the proposed Great Koala National Park. The intensive logging zone covers almost half of identified high quality koala habitat.To allow this logging to proceed, the Federal Government had to agree to changes to the Federal Threatened Species Strategy and several species Recovery Plans. It required that the Federal Government of Australia reduce the extent of the Reserve System.

This petition asks the Federal Government immediately act to protect Koala habitats in NSW.