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There is nowhere as beautiful as St. John’s on a beautiful summer evening.
Until such time that is, when motorcycles and cars with modified muffler systems take to the streets and assault those sitting in their back yards, strolling downtown or eating on outdoor patios, with noise levels that surpass any healthy levels.
The issue of motor vehicles with modified exhaust systems has been part of the public discourse since 2012. The City of St. John’s, The Province of Newfoundland, the RNC and many concerned citizen and neighbourhood associations have grappled with how to deal with the noise levels that break the Noise By-Laws and infringe upon citizens right to peace and quiet in their homes and neighbourhoods.

This issue is not a new issue. But it is time to finally deal with it.

Sound levels at or below 70DB are generally considered safe. Any sound at or above 85db is likely to damage hearing over time. 

A one-hour sound level recording session at a location on Signal Hill Rd produced the following:

67 of the 86 vehicles in that hour (motorcycles and cars combined) exceeded 75db 
23 of the 67 vehicles in that hour (motorcycles and cars combined)  exceeded 85db

As concerned citizens we join our Neighbourhoods Associations and call upon the Province of Newfoundland, the City of St. John’s and the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary to address this issue as other Provinces have done with a comprehensive monitoring program and ticketing system that assumes fines for those who break the Noise By-laws and infringe upon the rights of others.