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Action Plan for Clean Air in New Delhi

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1. Permanent ban of the manufacture, sale and bursting of firecrackers in New Delhi, 2019 onwards.

2. Introduction of subsidies for stubble clearance in the form of machinery or manpower for the farms of Punjab and Haryana.

3. Permanent lowering of public transportation costs.

4. Permanent ban of cutting of trees in New Delhi.

5. Allocation of land for planting of trees across New Delhi.

6. Planned, periodic reintroduction of the Odd and Even vehicle initiative.


You don't need your nose or lungs to know how bad the air is in New Delhi. You can taste it.

After witnessing an almost identical series of events transpire two years in a row, we can't let it happen the same way a third time.

We cannot continue to react.

Now is the time to be proactive and take serious measures to protect the long term respiratory health of our city. Especially for the sake of our kids, they are our future, they are also more vulnerable to the ill effects of pollution because their lungs are still developing.

These demands are the first, most obvious steps we must take to clean our air.

The fact that they haven't been taken already is the reason this music video was created.

It's the reason the responsibility for change lies clearly on us as citizens.

A line has been crossed.

Now it's time to fight.