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Revamp the Crown Forest Act! Give us back our forest!

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For the last ninety years, New Brunswick has been a Client State to the forest industry. Every year, millions upon millions of dollars that could fund healthcare, schools and roads are manipulated out of our hands into the coffers of industry.

The Crown Forest in New Brunswick is our most valuable natural ressource yet we have received very little benefit for our ownership. Controling Crown Forest means controling government! Think about it! 4 companies contrôle 100% of our Crown Forest. A forest we own! Our richest ressource, the corner stone of our economy. That is one big stick to wield over government. 

British Columbia, Ontario and Québec have all recently changed their forest acts. We need to do the same!

It's time to take control of our wealth once and for all! 

We the people of New Brunswick have the power to bring about change.

Revamp the Crown Forest Act. Give us back our forest!

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