Pets are family. A fight for tenants to have the right to have pets in their home!

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We are now living in a time where being renters limits us to a great extend. The list of tenant rights in New Brunswick is quite short but the prices of rent for apartments, condos and houses are shockingly high. I am a firm believer that if one pays towards a home they should have the right to do and have whatever/whoever they want in that home (with obvious, needed limitations). It is absolutely disgusting the amount of homes that now refuses pets despite asking for a damage deposit that matches the usually crazy pricing of the home (don’t get me started on how landlords even have the right to refuse individuals with children). Finding an affordable home is difficult, finding one that allows pets now seems impossible. If a landlord requires a damage deposit, they should not have the right to refuse ones fur babies. New Brunswick has now become a province in which it is incredibly difficult to start a life and family in. The road to having New Brunswick back to a family friendly and youth friendly place may be long, but we have to start to get somewheres. Please take a moment to sign this petition, and share this with other New Brunswickers. Starts with one person!