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No Lobster Facility in Dipper Harbour East

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A lobster holding facility is proposed to be built and operated by the US-based company, Lobster Boys, on the Campbell Road in Dipper Harbour East.  This narrow, rural road is located in a completely residential area of Dipper Harbour.  This proposed facility raises many concerns to local residents and landowners within the area, including but not limited to; noise, light pollution, environmental impacts, commercial traffic within a residential area with children, truck traffic on bridges leading in and out of the area, decrease in property values, impact on tourism, and an overall decrease in quality of life for residents.  There has been absolutely no consultation with current residents and landowners regarding this proposed commercial operation within a residential area in this community. 

Dipper Harbour East is a beautiful, serene area along the coastline of the Bay of Fundy.  There are already commerical operations located near the wharf in Dipper Harbour West.  We oppose this lobster holding facility being built in Dipper Harbour East so that this area remains untouched by commercial operations and residents, families, children, and visitors can continue to enjoy the beauty and serene environment of our rural community.