100% Funding for NB Women's Shelters Now! Fair Wages for Shelter Workers.

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Support NB Women's Shelter's #NO MORE EXCUSES campaign asking the New Brunswick government for 100% funding for shelters and a fair wage for shelter workers.
We've had NO budget increase in ten years and salaries are the lowest in Canada. Please share and post everywhere you can so we can reach women all over this province! Tell Premier Gallant and your MLA that women's shelters deserve 100% funding! Contact info at gnb.ca website - Your government - Find your MLA. Also sign and share this petition. Women needing to be sheltered from abuse and violence deserve this. The staff working at shelters deserve a fair wage that allows them to have food, shelter, light, heat... Who should have to go without their basic needs being met? Not anyone. Not the shelter staff who are putting their time and energy, their hearts and souls, into supporting and caring for some of the most vulnerable people in our province.