सीमा बचाऔँ अभियान (Save The Border campaign, Nepal)

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नेपाली सीमा अतिक्रमणको गम्भीर बिषय!!!

This is a serious issue of border encroachment!!!


On 2nd November, 2019 after the abrogation of special status of Jammu and Kashmir, Indian Government redrafted its political Map, wherein, it included disputed lands with Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This was a unilateral annexation, undermining the dispute and international border norms.

If that was not enough, ignoring Nepal Governments official communication on 20th November, 2019, Indian Government officially announced opening of road linking China, passing through disputed territory, thus cementing its position on land.

The base of bilateral agreement between India and China is to use Lipu Lekh pass as trade route, opening up access to “Mansarovar”, a holy pilgrimage site of Hindus all over the world.

Understanding the Technical Details

New political map of India shows disputed “Limpiyadhura” region in the Greater Himalayas as a part of Pithoragarh district of Indian state of Uttarakhand. Kalapani area is of immense strategic importance for the region as it serves as the tri-junction between India, Nepal and China. However, Nepal was bypassed by both the Countries when they agreed to include disputed Lipu Lekh in their bilateral trade route in 15th May 2015, at time when Nepal was reeling on the aftermath of devastating earthquake.

The root of this debate over Kalapani, Lipu Lekh and Limpiyadhura is the origin of river Kali. As per the historic Sugauli treaty of 1816 between the then East India Company and Government of Nepal, demarked Kali river as border line, thereby implying land east of Kali river to be part of Nepal.

The cause of dispute, which shouldn’t have been in first place, is in regards to the origination of river Kali. Nepal Government has been rightly claiming that the river originates at Limpiyadhura. This fact was testified by East India company’s hydrographer James Horst Surgh in his 1827 map “Published according to Act of Parliament”. Turning blind eye to this fact, in pursuit of annexation, Indian Government has been wrongly claiming, small rivulet “Pakhnagad”, as the origination of Kali.

This “un-called” for dispute spanning puts 372 sq.km of Nepali land stretching from Kalapani, Limpiyadhura and lipulekh at risk of wrongful annexation.

Groups have been formed, a joint committee between India and Nepal, to study the proposition and facts but without any fruitful consequence. After all, who would want to solve a dispute when you are already enjoying your privilege.


By any stretch of imagination, this is a blatant act of imperialism by India. Imperialism, of which India itself was victim for 200 years. This is India, leveraging its size, economic, diplomatic and military might to flex its muscle on its weaker neighbor.

We view this not just as physical mishandling on our border but as a direct interference undermining our sovereignty and our identity as a free nation. This also implies, what stand India takes on its neighbor, how does India view its neighbor. These actions make fallacy of India’s repeated claim of “neighbor first” policy and policy of “Vasudaibha Kutumbakam (World is a one big family)”.

We appreciate our relations with India, sharing common culture, religion in most part and even sharing family ties. We appreciate India’s assistance in development of Nepal. But more often than not, India tends to forget we are an independent nation, visible with its micro-engagement in Nepali Politics. Obviously, incompetence from our political leaders calling on India to interfere or acute passiveness in India’s bullying has further enticed India. But India should agree, a prosperous Nepal will aid India than Nepal in turmoil.

India should understand further, that the Nepalese people are infuriated enough with this bulldogging. History has shown, revolution in any part is not an isolated case, but comes with its own series of actions.

For many Nepalese, this may all seem vague. Sovereignty, after all doesn’t feel to practical in daily lives. But, we all understand what it feels to be bullied by someone more powerful. Nation is again, a grand scale of what every individual feels. So this is utterly important for our dream of independence, for our desire to be peaceful and for our pursuit of happiness and prosperity.


The timing couldn’t have been more unfortunate. First when Nepal was reeling under the devastation of earthquake and now when the world is fighting the global pandemic. When, the countries should have maintained highest degree of co-operation, letting go of any dispute whatsoever. However, India seeing any crisis in Nepal as an opening for fulfilling its vested interest, has shed enough light in its ulterior motive with regards to its neighbors.

We are deeply inspired by one Indian, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, and his stance on non-violence. This petition is thus a directly taken from one of his great teachings.

Additionally, this issue of Kalapani is not the only dispute we have with India, we have dispute stretching over 1800 KMs. We would call both the authorities of Nepal and India to come with a solution on any pending dispute.

That will then create path for harmony and peace, in its truest sense. That will further enhance people to people co-operation and definitely create a synergic impact for a better, prosperous shared future. 

We firstly request India to re-consider its position and work towards solving the dispute.

We request China, to come clear with their proposition in this issue.

We request United Nations, to look into this more seriously, and any other border issue around the world.

We request International Court of Justice, to view this as a serious matter. A matter which could  escalate quickly around the world concerning border encroachment by powerful nation.

We request international media, to take note of the issue.

We request people of India, to empathize with Nepalese on this issue and warn their Government against their malicious action, remembering what they had to suffer. We believe this, because we share a common belief of “Karma”

We request all the free people around the world to express solidarity.

Thank you all

For a world without dispute

From people of Nepal