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Government of Montana: Cease Efforts to Decrease Grey Wolf Populations

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Humans have long made efforts to bend the world around us to our whims.  This behavior has shown to have dissasterous after effects in the past.  The value of our natural world can not be measured in dollar value.  Medicines we use daily have been extracted from the biodiversity arounds us; Asprin from willows; rash cures from Jewel Weed; Pain Relivers from Mamba venom; burn treatments from aloe; and many more.  If we do not protect the stability of our ecosystems, there is no knowing what discoveries we could loose.

Grey Wolves are apex predators and of vital importance to the overall health and biodiversity of our ecosystems.  By removing the Grey Wolf from the west, the populations of many other species where destabalized in the process. 

Grey Wolves are known to activly hunt and kill Coyotes and thier young.  The smaller Coyote also stuggles to compete for food with more powerful and intelligent Grey Wolf.  With the loss of the wolf, the population of Coyotes expanded from the Great Plains to the majority of North America. This puts Coyotes, a species known to attack humans, into greater contact with human populations. The surge in coyote populations caused large decreases in the rodent and rabbit populations.  The decrease in thier primary food source caused put more stress on the already threatend Bobcat and pushed thier numbers further down.

A study done by William J. Ripple and Robert L. Beschta demonstrated that the loss of the top predetor caused a spike in herbavore populations.  This increase in grazers caused a crash in the populations of young plants.  Data from Canada, Asia, and Northern Europe shows the same results. The loss of the wolves caused a secondary decrease in bear populations; as the bears would scavange wolf kills.

Humans have a duty to protect our natural world.  Resorting back to the fears of the 1950's will not further our understanding of the natural world.  While Wolves are held responsible for the death of livestock, USDA Animal Damage Jan Loven has found that Coyotes are more dangerous to livestock tan the wolf.  He has also stated “Next to coyotes, dogs are the greatest livestock and wildlife killers.  They run in packs and attack sheep, cattle, even horses. Dogs in packs can be more destructive and more dangerous than coyotes." 

People should not rush to eradicate a species out of fear.  We have wrongfully blamed the wolf for crimes commited by the coyote.  Now that the wolf is being reintroduced to its original habitat, humans wish to eradicate it again for imagined crimes.  Perhaps it is time for humans to live alongside the creatures of our natural world and no longer restort to outright destruction.


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