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Make Mongolia clean again

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We, the past, current and future tourists of Mongolia demand that the all Mongolian citizens and Mongolian government take responsibility to make their beautiful country clean again. 

Mongolia has been taking much pride in its pristine untouched land, water, fresh air and sunny days with Eternal Blue sky. However, when we dream about visiting you all our lives and spend thousands of dollars, we are greeted with littered grassland, streets and polluted rivers and mountains, full of vodka bottles, cigarette butts, soiled diapers, plastic bottles and aluminum cans. This IS NOT THE MONGOLIA we imagined and hoped for! 

This HAS TO STOP! We love your country, honor your heritage and often come to you to escape hectic modern cities and ponder the meaning of life in your beautiful mountains and vast steppes. We WANT CLEAN MONGOLIA BACK and want to brag of it TO THE WORLD that visiting Mongolia is a lifetime opportunity for everyone!

We can not echo your statements about how special and beautiful your country is until each one of you takes action collectively and works with your authorities to make Mongolia clean again! We know you can do it! You are the children of legendary men and women who have honored the Mother Earth through centuries! 

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