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Stop the brutal culling of Mauritian Street Dogs

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Historically the Mauritian Government have dealt in a brutal and ruthless manner, to kill the Street Dogs  of Mauritius. A few years ago after a lot of pressure from visiting tourists, and organisations such as PAWS Mauritius, this dreadful daily round up of dogs and the subsequent painful destruction of the dogs stopped, and PAWS was able to work with the local communities to sterilise the dogs, and offer free sterilisation to local families who had pet dogs that would produce 2 litters a year, which in turn became part of the Street Dog pack.

It's a long and slow process, but great results have been achieved by this humane procedure.

Shockingly, new gangs of Dog Catchers are out catching dogs-some are really tame, and rely on food from tourists on the beaches, and are no threat to anyone.

A lot of dogs have already been neutered, but that does not stop the brutal daily round up of dogs. Their death is horrific. They are injected with poison laced with bleach and other chemicals-all to save money. They don't even have the dignity of a painless end.

This island leads the way in Africa in Finance and Tourism and Trade, and is growing as a sought after destination as it is a safe place to visit. Mauritius has a booming economy and Tourist Trade, so is this stability now the reason the Government no longer has to present a humane image to the world concerning animal welfare?

The Daily Mail has brought this to the attention of the UK public again, and as Mauritius seems to take note of pressure from people who would  boycott Mauritius as a destination , as much pressure and publicity as possible needs to be put on the Government in Mauritius.

The video was published in the Daily Mail recently to be shared on social media.




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