End the cruel culling of dogs in Mauritius

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Mauritius has thousands of roaming dogs, many are owned and some are stray. In a misguided attempt to control the dog population, the Mauritian government pays for dogs on streets and beaches to be caught and killed. Dogs are caught in nets, flung into a van full of other terrified dogs, and driven to a government pound. Secret filming of the conditions inside the pound revealed shocking cruelty; dogs cramped together, left for days to fight for scraps of food, before being brutally killed by painful injections directly into their hearts. As the petrified dogs suffer slow and painful deaths, others watch and panic, scrambling desperately up the walls.

Behind the brochure images of this premier international tourist destination, with its beautiful beaches and 5 star hotels, this is Mauritius’ hidden shame.

Local as well as international animal welfare organisations have been pushing for humane and sustainable solutions to dog management for many years. But the government still chooses “catch and kill”, even though it is clear that it is both inhumane and ineffective at providing a long-term reduction and control in the dog population.

International animal charity Humane Society International (HSI) began a pilot project in 2018 to demonstrate the effectiveness of a humane and non-lethal approach to managing the island’s dog population. The "Nou Toutou" (Our Dogs) project has been providing free sterilisations in the Flacq district but also engages with the community to promote understanding of the importance of sterilisation and general pet care, which is key to achieving long term change. The pilot has sterilised and treated over 4732 dogs in just over a year, successfully reducing unwanted litters and health problems, and had extremely positive feedback from the community. Yet still the government refuses to commit to expanding the pilot to become a nationwide programme in place of “catch and kill”.

Please sign this petition to show your support for a humane, sustainable and economically sound solution and policy to be adopted by the Mauritian government.

As members of the community, we have seen how the well the community has responded to the Nou Toutou program, and we’ve seen the demand and need from across the island for such an approach. There can be no need or excuse for the suffering of our dogs to continue. The Mauritian government has  the opportunity, with the support of both local and international animal welfare groups, to make our island a much better place for animals, the community, tourists and businesses going forward.