Help make the intersection of 206 and Garven Road safer for everyone travelling by it

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On October 22nd, Andrew Sylvestre Rattie was involved in a collision at the intersection of 206 and Garven Road close to Birdshill while on his way home from work. This accident ended in tragedy and his life was taken from him at just 24 years old. He has left an enormous number of family members and friends behind. A tragedy that could have been prevented if this intersection were made safer.

There have been other families affected by this tragedy. On May 8th Dan Wischnewski was also involved in an accident that has deeply impacted his life as well as his families.

Change needs to be made before somebody else needlessly loses their life. Traffic lights, a roundabout, anything that would make this area less of a safety risk.

It may not have happened to somebody you know personally but we are all one tragedy away from the same outcome. If we all come together change can be made here and lives can be saved.

Nobody deserves to die young in the face of tragedy and nobody deserves to live a life of pain due to a poorly planned intersection. Highways are dangerous enough without having to worry about extremely hazardous intersections that could be made safer if a small amount of work were put into place concerning it.

As the general public we do not have the capabilities of altering this ourselves so we need the support from our government to help us save more families from such a tragedy.

Please sign your name below and share this to show you support this concern and to help to potentially save another soul. Thank you for reading and for your support, it means the world to everyone impacted by these tragedies.