Death Sentence for Poachers

Death Sentence for Poachers

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Started by J Taufik

Biological genocide is irreparable

Poaching is a heinous crime driven by greed against our fellow members of the ecosystem. These wild animals are unique inhabitants of our country, the last remnants of species, and we must protect them as our assets. How can we not protect the ones that keep our ecosystem in place? In China, death or life sentence may be meted out to those who hunt for pandas. There aren't many pandas left in the wild ,  just like our very own 'Pak Belang', as there are less than 200 Malayan ones left. It is high time for us to value our wild animals the same way. 

Poaching is not a crime against humanity, worse, it is a crime against life itself. Poaching is the deliberate obliteration of millions years of evolution, an attempt of complete erasure.  If all in life is meant to be butchered with greed then, is there life at all? 

Jailing these poachers would be a very short deterrent. This is the status quo, and they are out slaughtering helpless elephants and tapirs again before you know it. If death penalty is generally despicable, but for such crimes where greed is the main driver , it can be the only deterrent. These animals have absolutely zero defense against the poachers. Not to mention the fact that all of their numbers are tapering rapidly. Are we just going to sit quietly, sipping Boba milk tea, retweeting Greta Thunberg on the other hand to seem relevant ,and not actually do anything about it?

This is a start. Sign this petition. We can end this vile practice.  

97,825 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!