Dear Malaysians, have we done enough to protect our Animals?

Dear Malaysians, have we done enough to protect our Animals?

8 October 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Angie Chin

Animal cruelties is on the rise in our country (Malaysia) and this has been verified recently HERE

Time & again we read cruelties inflicted on animals in the media, and sadly only a handful of cases gets tried in the court or the perpetrators got away with a measly fine. While most cases went on a 'natural death' (quiet) and no follow ups although there were enough evidence to take actions on the culprits. 


It is either our law is too lenient (not strong enough) or the awareness channel is weak or the investigation of cases is not fast enough resulting the perpetrators got away with just a warning.


Just recently we've read on the news on how a poor stray dog was mishandled by the municipal council workers. And it went viral because of the manner it was handled and the scuffle between a concerned citizen with the municipal workers. Why is this happening? And all we got is an apology by the Selangor Local Government, Public Transportation and New Village Development Committee chairman Ng Sze Han.

It is not known if the workers are still working with the council





Go Google "Animal Cruelties In Malaysia" and you will be brought to present and past links of all cases that either has been reported or cases that went silent (no action), doesn't matter whether the animals are cats or dogs. 

I urge all Malaysians, that are compassionate towards animals to come together to support the followings:

1. To urge the Government to include Animal Welfare studies to children in schools (from Kindie, Primary to Secondary) to inculcate compassion and respect towards animals;

2. To review and open past cases, sentence fine or jail to the perpetrators of the cases if they are found guilty with enough evidences;

3. To launch Campaigns continuously (cafes/public spaces) to report animals cruelties and educating the public on the act/fine;

4. To work with Ketua Kampungs/PPR Flat leaders to educate the residents on the Animal Act and its consequences, and to report any form of neglect/abuse;

5. To encourage and deploy enforcement officers nationwider to conduct random checks in neighborhood to ensure no strays were hurt, or pets being mishandled (chained/confined on smaller spaces for a long period of time), to educate and issue warning to ignorant pet owners;

6. To introduce affordable spay/neuter scheme to pet owners/rescuers;

7. To work on a nationwide scheme in getting public to bring any strays to appointed veterinaries to spay/neuter them (catch & release). Government, please study how those in Turkey can do this successfully;

8. To set up (and made known to public) the Animal Welfare bodies that will oversee the campaigns, education and pursue any reported cases of animals abuse; 

9. To urge the Minister/Ministry in charge to have a periodic dialogues with NGOs/rescuers in managing animal issues better. If we do not have a Minister/Ministry that oversees matters like this, create ONE!

Although animals doesn't vote, their existence in the world should not be denied either. They have rights to live and to co-exist with humans. Instead of killing them as our 'way' to solve a problem, we should be proactive to work around the problem to mitigate them.

Nevertheless we look forward to getting more than 5,000 Malaysians to support this petition's initiative before we hand them over to the relevant parties.

Let our voices be heard collectively and we hope to see our new Government will take proactive actions on this. 

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Signatures: 135,472Next Goal: 150,000
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