JUSTICE for Sushant Singh Rajput!!!!

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A bright and talented person like Sushant Singh Rajput is gone too soon! He didn't die of suicide, it was a cold blooded murder. He dared to walk alone and called spade a spade. Hence he was bullied, boycotted and murdered by "so-called" privileged bollywood mafias who runs the industry. 

We urge the govt. of Maharastra to investigate this case to bring justice to Sushant. Such a brilliant, talented & jovial actor cannot die of suicide. There is more to this and it requires further investigation. This should be handed to CBI.

Furthermore, Not to forget we "AUDIENCE" make actors “STARS”. The power is in our hands, if we are quiet we are giving them the power to run the Lobby. This is about time we all put our hands together to fight against "Bollywood Mafia" And give justice to a super talented actor Sushant! If we don't raise our voice now then there will be more such cases of talented industry outsider and mafias will keep ruling the industry the way it is. Remember it took one person to start the "#metoo" movement to bring about change.