Avni mother of two Cubs .....

Avni mother of two Cubs .....

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killing avni is plan murdered isn't it .. yes it is .... We Indian every year just raise our voice on the topic of "save the tiger" ... "SAVE THE TIGER"....."SAVE THE TIGER" .... And is avni saved ..... NO! NO!! NO!!!!!.... She could if our government would make efforts. killing her was a last option by the supreme Court but saving her and catching her was the first ... If they could they can ... But they just killed  mother avni ..... The five-year-old tigress was shot dead on Friday night from near a road in Borati village by Asgar Ali Khan, son of sharp-shooter Shafath Ali Khan who was heading the hunt for her.She was killed in a single shot, from point blank, ""without even making an attempt to tranquilize her and capture the tiger alive, which the activists were demanding."" The death of Avni leaves her two young cubs who are around 10-months-old, vulnerable, as the hunt team is yet to capture them or devise any solid plan to rehabilitate them.The death of Avni is once again likely to ignite the debate over how animals are always on the receiving end when it comes to human-animal conflicts.The order to shoot her dead was issued on September 4 was and was cleared by the Supreme Court on September 11 citing that she was a maneater.According to the government records since June 2016, 13 people have been killed in tiger attacks in Pandharkawada divisional forest, 11 of whom were shepherds inside the forest and two in farms. Of the last five deaths, one was in December 2017, one in January 2018 and three in August. However, those behind the campaign had pointed out that alleged deaths had happened inside the forest, where it was illegal to enter. They also alleged that out of the 13 bodies which were recovered, DNA tests were conducted only on 3 of them and tiger DNA was found only on one of the bodies.Following the killing of Avani, activists are also likely to raise the fact that the tigress was shot dead by Asgar Ali Khan, while the Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Wildlife) A K Mishra had given the shooting permission to his father Shafath Ali Khan who was away in Patna to attend the meeting of Bihar State Wildlife Board.Last month, the Bombay High Court's Nagpur Bench admitted a petition that sought a stay on plans to kill the tigress and instead capture her alive.

Wildlife activist Jerryl A. Banait contended that instead of killing her, which will orphan her cubs, the Forest Department should capture her alive, as per the Supreme Court orders on September 11.

They DO eat people.

  1. But that doesn't mean that they will always eat people. Actually as a rule, tigers avoid humans. They simply ignore humans, unless the human is coming into its territory.

A tiger will become a man-eater only under following circumstances:    

(1) The tiger is too old to hunt its regular prey. Humans are, of course, easy lunch.

(2) Humans regularly enroach its territory. Even then, it only kills; it doesn't gobble up the person.

Just think ... That when there is black market of tiger skin,elephants teeth .... And rest all animals body party ..  then we people just gossip and sleep but when it comes to animal and human  .. that animal killed humans .... And over government raise voice and order to kill animal .... Then we think it's right .... According to me it's wrong ... Why all the right should be given to humans ..... Earth's is not for humans only it's for every one .... And each and  every one should get equal rights .... it's not how avni was right but it's not that she was wrong .... Every mother would react same .... But it's in our hand(humans) because we are more knowledgable than animals .... To kill or to change and change is the best option ...

May be she would be supporting and giving safe zone to her Cubs .... May be or may not ..... But killing her was and is not right...

I think it's wrong to kill an animal so i will support avni .... And I am against government  desigion of killing her ..... 

Support me if u think I m right .... 

If u can't save them ... Then just don't kill them ..... At list make a change ...... 

A small change Can save life 


899 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!